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South Africa’s Landless Blacks: Why Does The Impasse Continue?

AFRICANGLOBE - It was in 1652 when people of European descent began to systematically drive Africans in South Africa off their resource rich ancestral land, through force of arms, falsification of history, pseudo science, religion, the myth of White superiority and legal skulduggery.Yet for over 1 000 years before the Dutch arrived at the Cape of Good Hope, Africans were already accomplished farmers on their lands. By 1913, the settlers had dug in — deeply. The most brazen act of greed and racial oppression was the Natives Land Act of 1913 which was enacted and enforced by a consolidated White settler regime to deprive nearly 90 percent of Africans of 93 percent of their land. The 7 percent of barren land allocated to them was later increased to 13 percent. It did not end there.