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Fmr FBI Agent Releases New Info About B.I.G.’s Murder That Could...

AFRICANGLOBE - Former head of the FBI’s Los Angeles field office, Philip Carson was tasked as the lead investigator in the death of Wallace. Carson said he was very close to exposing Wallace’s killer(s) but his bosses at the FBI shut down his investigation due to pressure from the LAPD. Carson held this information secret until he retired two years ago and took 3,000 pages of the murder case documents with him to begin telling his story.

Los Angeles To Pay 4 Million In Blood Money To Family...

AFRICANGLOBE - Attorneys for the city of Los Angeles have agreed to a $4-million payout to settle lawsuits filed by the family of an unarmed homeless man fatally shot last year by an LAPD officer in Venice, court records show. The tentative deal comes as prosecutors weigh whether to charge the officer, Clifford Proctor, in connection with the May 5, 2015, killing of Brendon Glenn. In a highly unusual move, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck recommended that prosecutors file criminal charges in the case.

Disturbing Video Shows LAPD Laughing & Smiling After Choking Vachel Howard...

AFRICANGLOBE - Early on the afternoon of June 4, 2012, Vachel Howard was handcuffed to a bench inside the Los Angeles Police Department’s 77th Street Station Jail. He was 56 years old, and had been taken into custody for allegedly driving while intoxicated. The grandfather of seven had been strip-searched, and his shirt still hung open. Howard told the officers present that he suffered from schizophrenia. Less than an hour later, Howard was pronounced dead at Good Samaritan Hospital, just miles from the jail.

3 Men In Ski Masks Allegedly Open Fire On LAPD Days...

AFRICANGLOBE - Around 6AM on Tuesday, three men in ski masks allegedly opened fire on police in Southern Los Angeles. Police chased after the "suspects" and eventually found three people who they said were the shooters. However, there are conflicting reports as to whether or not the police were able to recover a weapon. The shooting seemed random, and there is no indication that the suspects had any ties to the protests that have been taking place throughout the city.

False Flag: LAPD On High Alert After Officers Allegedly Ambushed By...

AFRICANGLOBE - Two gunmen allegedly fired at two Los Angeles police officers Sunday evening as they were responding to a call in South Central Los Angeles near the border of the city of Inglewood. The officers claim that two individuals walked into the road on which they were driving and that a muzzle flash indicated that they were being fired upon.

Sick Bastards: Shocking Racist Song About Michael Brown Sung At LAPD...

AFRICANGLOBE - The songs lyrics included: “Michael Brown learned a lesson about a messin’ with a badass policeman,” “He’s bad, bad Michael Brown, baddest thug in the whole damn town. Badder than old King Kong. Meaner than a junkyard dog,” and “he’s dead, dead Michael Brown, deadest man in the whole damn town. His whole life’s long gone. Deader than a roadkill dog.”

LAPD Survey Found Christopher Dorner Was Right

Though Dorner was roundly condemned for his deadly February 2013 rampage, his allegations about discipline in the LAPD tapped into a deep well of discontent among many LAPD officers who had grown increasingly unhappy with how punishments were meted out under Beck.

Hundreds Rally In L.A. To Protest LAPD Shooting Of Ezell Ford

AFRICANGLOBE - “I’m sick and tired of the police killing our people off,” said Nicole Tinson, who wore a shirt that read “Unapologetically Black.” “It’s absolutely ridiculous,” Tinson said. “A man who holds his hands up is surrendering himself. You can’t go shoot someone already down.”

LAPD Officers In Black Neighborhoods Tampered With Car Recording Equipment

AFRICANGLOBE - The LAPD is expected to roll out a plan to outfit each and every officer with a lapel camera. But some officers—especially those in South Los Angeles' Black neighborhoods—are tampering with the dashboard cameras that are already in their patrol cars.

Racial Profiling: Black Students Arrested White Students Party On

AFRICANGLOBE - Some University of Southern California students say they were unfairly targeted Sunday morning when LAPD officers broke up a party and arrested several students. However, police say they were attacked by the students, who maintain they are victims of racial profiling.

LAPD to Question Officers About Racism In Wake Of Christopher Dorner...

AFRICANGLOBE - The Los Angeles Police Department is doing some soul searching on racism in the ranks. As a result of the Christopher Dorner case, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck says he’s trying to find out what officers have to say about racism in the department.

Why the LAPD’s Hunt for Christopher Dorner Is Indefensible

AFRICANGLOBE - In hunting down Christopher Dorner, hell-bent on revenge over being fired from the Los Angeles Police Department, officers twice fired without warning on three innocent civilians, wounding two of them. That innocent people got shot by cops who think their own safety is paramount, whose actions show they value their own lives more than those of people they are sworn to protect.

Christopher Dorner Believed Dead After Shootout With LAPD

AFRICANGLOBE - As police scoured mountain peaks for days, using everything from bloodhounds to high-tech helicopters, the man they were after, Christopher Dorner was hiding among them, holed up in a vacation cabin across the street from their command post.

Christopher Dorner And The Truth About LAPD

AFRICANGLOBE - One evening a couple of years ago, I was driving home from the grocery store. I was almost there—had made a right turn onto my street, gone a block and was waiting for the red light to change, when seemingly out of nowhere a Los Angeles Police cruiser came from behind and up to my passenger side. The LAPD officer at the wheel lit me with the megawatt floodlight attached to his door and said.

In Defense Of Christopher Dorner, Not The Media Accused Murderer But...

AFRICANGLOBE - Christopher Dorner has managed to live his entire life avoiding problems with the authorities, for a Black man to achieve such a feat in America is nothing short of stellar, for a Black man to achieve such a feat in California is nothing shy or a miracle, given the fact that you have the LAPD the U.S. justice system and the Mexican mafia after you.

LAPD Opens Probe Into Christopher Dorner’s Firing

AFRICANGLOBE - Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck has changed his tune about alleged cop killer Christopher Dorner's writings about being wrongfully terminated, announcing yesterday that the department was opening an investigation into Dorner’s firing.