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Las Vegas Cop Still On The Job Despite Advocating Race War

AFRICNGLOBE - A cop who advocated for a “race war” and posted photos of himself aiming a gun at images of President Obama won’t be fired from his job on the Las Vegas police force. Detective Bobby Kinch, despite repeatedly posting angry, racist and anti-government rants had his gun and badge returned to him after a brief suspension.

Obama To Visit Las Vegas As Immigration Announcement Nears

AFRICANGLOBE - President Barack Obama will announce Thursday that he is shielding about 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation, circumventing Congress to provide the most sweeping changes to immigration policy in decades.

Police Reportedly Probing White Supremacist Link To Las Vegas Shootings

AFRICANGLOBE - The pair who fatally shot two Las Vegas police officers and one civilian before taking their own lives Sunday are believed to be a married couple who possessed White supremacist paraphernalia and spoke of targeting police officers.