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The Betrayal Of Haiti By Latin America And The Caribbean

AFRICANGLOBE - Niccolo Machiavelli once wrote in “The Prince” that one should expect the worst treatment from those whom one has helped, because no one wants to be reminded of a time when they needed to be helped. Without Haiti’s help, there would not have been any independent country in Latin America. On January 1, 1816, when Simon Bolivar arrived in Haiti, downtrodden and desperate for help to fight the Spanish, the only two republics in the Western Hemisphere were the United States, where slave ownership was in force, and Haiti.

The U.S. And The Afro-Latino Movement

AFRICANGLOBE - The images the media are sending out do not capture the influence of the African Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean. For example, Colombian actress Sofia Vergara was asked by Hollywood producers to dye her naturally blonde hair black to look more Hispanic. This is a common, stereotypical image we are fed, in this case of the “eses” of Los Angeles.

IDB Urges Increased Productivity To Drive Caribbean Growth

AFRICANGLOBE - High volatility took a toll on regional growth in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2013, according to the Inter-American Development Bank. Regional GDP growth was around 2.7 percent this year, with a projected growth of 3 percent for Latin America and the Caribbean in 2014.