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Anti-Blackness And The Brazilian Elections

AFRICANGLOBE - It is clear from the results of the latest Brazilian elections that antiblack hatred remains an effective symbolic and practical political tool. And it’s evident that Bolsonaro’s political bloc represents the intensification of the ways in which collective aversion of the most vulnerable—Black and nonblack—is expressed and condoned.

“Blond Bombers” And The Ongoing Whitening Of Blackness In Brazil

AFRICANGLOBE - According to anthropologist João Baptista de Lacerda speaking at the first Universal Races Congress in London in 1911, by the year 2012, the half-breeds and the Black race would have disappeared. Apparently, the plan didn’t quite work although it continues a work in process. Over the centuries, anti-Black social ideals weaved themselves into the fabric of Brazil's social imagination to the point that blackness is, for millions, a classification that is to be avoided.

Why USAID Is Shifting Maternal Health Funds Toward Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - The US Agency for International Developmentannounced today that 26 countries have done so well at achieving maternal and child health goals that they’re...

Afro Descendants, Without Opportunities In Latin America

AFRICANGLOBE - Experts estimate that one third of the population in Latin America is Afro descended, but also represent, on average, half of the poorest. In Colombia, 80% of Blacks live in extreme poverty; and in Brazil, 14.5% of poor and 80% of young people killed are Black, according to the World Bank (WB).

Skin Color Politics In The Latin/o Community And The Roots Of...

AFRICANGLOBE - Internalize racism is bred in Afro Latin communities, and many feel a sense of shame about their Blackness, or don't acknowledge it. Often, there are Latinos with very dark skin, but will deny all Blackness, and iterate, "no, no, no my grandparents are from Spain." Latin heritage is subsumed under Blackness, which Martin points out when he mentions that Sammy Davis Jr.'s mother was Cuban, yet that's a little known fact due to his appearance as a Black man.

Docu-Series Examines Latino Identity Among Afro-Latinos

AFRICANGLOBE - The struggles of Black Americans throughout U.S. history are well-documented. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about Blacks in Latin America. In many cases, Blacks south of the U.S. border have been rendered socially invisible and are still the focus of racist jokes in their respective countries.

Courageous Black Secret Service Woman Exposed Colombia Sex Scandal

A Black Secret Service agent is being hailed as the heroine in what is reportedly the worst scandal in the agency’s history. Paula Reid is...