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“Blond Bombers” And The Ongoing Whitening Of Blackness In Brazil

AFRICANGLOBE - According to anthropologist João Baptista de Lacerda speaking at the first Universal Races Congress in London in 1911, by the year 2012, the half-breeds and the Black race would have disappeared. Apparently, the plan didn’t quite work although it continues a work in process. Over the centuries, anti-Black social ideals weaved themselves into the fabric of Brazil's social imagination to the point that blackness is, for millions, a classification that is to be avoided.

How My Mother Taught Me Racial Consciousness

AFRICANGLOBE - I don’t remember any moment of my life that I didn’t know that I was Black and the implications this has. I cherish memories of early childhood in which I heard my mother revealing her experiences with racism. I heard these stories repeated times, but only recently realized how much they were instrumental in my life.