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George Zimmerman Set For Big Payday For Murder Weapon Thanks To...

AFRICANGLOBE - The recent announcement by racist child killer George Zimmerman that he was going to auction the gun he used to murder Trayvon Martin, 17, caused national outrage. Zimmerman claimed that the gun was part of American history and that he was going to use part of the funds to fight Black Lives Matter’s violence against police.

Expanding Age Gap Between Whites And Minorities May Increase U.S. Racial...

AFRICANGLOBE - A generation gap in several states between older whites and younger Latinos and African-Americans has race relations experts concerned that age differences in the population are influencing spending and public policy in areas such as education, transportation, immigration and infrastructure.

Marc Morial: Wealth Gap a 'Wake-Up Call'

The widening wealth gap between whites and minorities has wiped out gains made over the last 30 years and could foreshadow even more inequality if something isn't done to address it, National Urban League President and CEO Marc Morial said on Tuesday.