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FBI Warned White Supremacists Were Infiltrating Law Enforcement 10 Years Ago....

AFRICANGLOBE - Increased attention toward the killing of Black men and women by police throughout the past year has ignited national conversations on racism and law enforcement. From Freddie Gray in April 2015 to Deborah Danner — an “emotionally disturbed” woman fatally shot this week by an NYPD thug — protests around the country have forced many Americans to reassess how police engage with Black communities.

‘I’m The Law Today, N*gga’: Pennsylvania Cop Fired Over Snapchat Slur

AFRICANGLOBE - A Pennsylvania police officer has been fired after a Snapchat image of her dressed in full uniform and captioned with a racial slur came to the attention of her bosses. The selfie, reportedly taken months ago, depicts an officer identified as Melissa Adamson wearing aviator sunglasses and the uniform of her then-employer, Pitcairn Police Department. It was uploaded with a caption that read: “I’m the law today, n*gga.”

Surveillance Of Black Lives Matter Movement Recalls COINTELPRO Tactics

AFRICANGLOBE - COINTELPRO files gave the impression that the FBI “thought of Black Americans as falling into two categories -- Black people who should be spied on by the F.B.I. and Black people who should spy on other Black people for the F.B.I.,”

What White Supremacists Are Saying Online About The South Carolina Terror...

AFRICANGLOBE - What are avowed white supremacists saying about the shooting? There are 19 hate groups currently operating in South Carolina, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. None of these groups have claimed affiliation with Roof as of yet—though Roof has been photographed wearing a jacket adorned with the flags of Apartheid-era South Africa and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), suggesting, at least, that he may have held some pretty traditional racist views.

Why Not Bring Our African Americans Back Home?

AFRICANGLOBE - Perhaps it is about time to make a political statement about the oppression of black people in America and register Africa’s disgust at the situation unfolding in America where Blacks are targets of police brutality and murders.

Video Catches Brazilian Death Squad Assaulting And Breaking Black Woman’s Arm

AFRICANGLOBE - Another cop story from Rio. This notorious mob of law enforcement has done it again! Last year, Military Police made headlines and left of us mourning due to the horrendous shooting and dragging death of Cláudia Ferreira da Silva.

Law Enforcement’s Shameful Campaign Against Black America

AFRICANGLOBE - Do not take the bait, now being peddled by the Missouri police to cover their tracks, that Michael Brown was approached because he matched a suspect description. In New York, the NYPD instructed officers to stop the “right people,” even if they did nothing to appear suspicious. And who were those “right people”? "Young Black men in their late teens, early twenties."

Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin and the Protection of ‘Police Murder’ in...

Once again another young Black man has been shot and killed, under highly questionable circumstances, by a representative of law enforcement. Also once again,...