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Can Reparations Make Us Free?

AFRICANGLOBE - Having said for years that the culmination of true freedom, especially for Black people in the U.S., is economic freedom, I often imagine what our enslaved ancestors did when they were told they were “free.” If all you have ever known are the limits of a plantation, where do you go when you are set free?

A New Case For African American Reparations

AFRICANGLOBE - The idea of reparations is not new. Yet, in today's presumed colorblind and post-racial society, many White Americans are convinced that the enduring legacy of racial inequities facing the Black community are best remedied by individual responsibility and personal accountability; that is, if African Americans would simply work harder by "pulling themselves up by their bootstraps" and stop pulling the so-called "race card," they might actually get ahead and finally lay claim to the ever-elusive "American Dream."