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Egypt Army Free Ethiopians Held In Libya

AFRICANGLOBE - President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said Egypt had “rescued” 27 Ethiopians who were abducted in war-torn Libya, as state television showed him greeting the group at Cairo airport on Thursday.

Egyptian Army Massing For Invasion Of Eastern Libya?

AFRICANGLOBE - The Middle East is on the brink of its fourth war (after Syria, Iraq and Yemen). Military and intelligence sources report that Egypt is massing large-scale ground and air forces in the Western Desert along the Libyan border, in preparation for a military campaign to capture eastern Libya

The EU, Mediterranean Deaths And A Failed Libya

AFRICANGLOBE - The case of Libya today as an example of a failed state is beyond doubt with rival splinter groups tearing each other apart and dismantling a once vibrant economy well manned by Gaddafi. The Libyan Coast is now left wide open to dinghy boats captained by many Captains Unscrupulous who are willy-nilly cashing it big time while putting people’s lives in danger.

Ethiopia Confirms Murder Of Nationals In Libya By ISIL

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia has confirmed that dozens of men murdered recently by ISIL in Libya were all Ethiopian. In a statement, the government said it had relied on numerous sources to confirm that the victims, shown in a recent video, were Ethiopian migrant workers in Libya.

Washington’s Al Qaeda Ally Now Leading ISIS In Libya

AFRICANGLOBE - The revelations that US ally Abdelhakim Belhadj is now leading ISIS in Libya should come as no surprise to those who have followed US policy in that country, and throughout the region. It illustrates for the umpteenth time that Washington has provided aid and comfort to precisely those forces it claims to be fighting around the world.

Once One Of Africa’s Richest Countries, Libya Now Spirals Towards Bankruptcy

AFRICANGLOBE - Libya will “run out of money” in 18 months despite once being one of Africa’s richest countries, officials reveal as internecine fighting grinds its oil and gas industry to a halt.

CIA Is Trying To Plant “Their Man” As The President Of...

AFRICANGLOBE - The security situation in Libya, which is continuing to worsen, forced the White House to vigorously seek solutions to the problem of power in a country plunged into a comprehensive crisis because of the US military intervention in 2011.

Libya’s Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni Under Pressure From Army

AFRICANGLOBE - Libya's official Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni on Tuesday criticized the United States, Britain and European Union for failing to supply arms to his forces as they battle those of a rival government.

Imperialism And The Catastrophe In Libya

AFRICANGLOBE - The world is now witnessing the consequences of the recklessness, brutality, greed and limitless stupidity of Washington and its NATO allies. Responsibility for the disaster in Libya lies squarely with former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the initial champion of a NATO war in Libya; President Obama, whose administration provided the bulk of the firepower that shattered Libya’s armed forces and its major cities; and the NATO allied powers that joined in this murderous adventure. What is unfolding across the Middle East today is an indictment of imperialism, its ruling elites, its political servants and its lying media.

Italy Ready To Invade Libya After ISIS Fighters Seize Libyan City

AFRICANGLOBE - Italy would be ready to join a U.N.-led force to battle "an active terrorist threat" after recent advances by a faction in Libya that has sworn loyalty to ISIS militants, Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said on Friday.

Rival Rebel Faction Seizes Benghazi Branch Of Libyan Central Bank

AFRICANGLOBE - Fighters for one of the factions battling for control of Libya seized the Benghazi branch of the country’s central bank on Thursday. The central bank is the repository for Libya’s oil revenue and holds nearly $100 billion in foreign currency reserves. It is the great prize at the center of the armed struggles that have raged here since the NATO-led overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

France ‘Ready’ To Bomb Rebels On Libya Border

AFRICANGLOBE - France says it is ready to carry out strikes against fighters crossing out of Libya's southern border, and prevent the flow of weapons to groups fighting in Africa's lawless Sahel region.

Libya Islamists Deploy Air Power Against Foes For First Time

AFRICANGLOBE - The "Dawn of Libya" Islamist militia on Tuesday carried out airstrikes – for the first time – on sites hosting forces loyal to Libya's House of Representatives, which convenes in the eastern city of Tobruk.

Black Libyans Just Want To Go Home

The Tawergha minority have long faced discrimination in Libya, but this has intensified in recent years and they were accused of siding with the Gaddafi regime during his overthrow in 2011. The ousted dictator used the town of Tawergha as a military base during his resistance, but in August 2011, Misrata militias entered the town and burnt it to the ground, causing 42,000 Tawerghans to flee.

Libya’s Prime Minister Vows Military Campaign To Seize Tripoli

AFRICANGLOBE - Libya's recognized government will continue a military campaign to claim back the capital Tripoli, Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni said on Wednesday. Libya is divided between two governments since a group called Libya Dawn seized Tripoli in August after a month-long battle with a rival group, setting up its own parliament and government.

Oilfield Standoff Mirrors Libya’s Conflict As U.N. Seeks Dialogue

AFRICANGLOBE - Deep in Libya's southern Sahara, men in army uniforms guard a pipeline at the El Sharara oilfield. Hundreds of kilometers to the north, rival fighters turn off the pumps to stop the oil flowing. The standoff over El Sharara illustrates the complex challenge United Nations mediators face in holding together a country heading towards a civil war between factions allied with rival cities scrambling for control.