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Zlitan: NATO's Libyan War Crimes Massacre and the Media Whiteout

Ask the NY Times' Foreign News Editor and Publisher why the Times has not assigned one of its correspondents to cover this reported massacre of Libyan civilians by NATO in Zliten, Libya. NATO has resolved to achieve Nicholas Sarkozy's determination for regime change --and to save his own re-election campaign in France-- at any cost.

Hundreds of Migrants Arrivae in Italy From Libya And Tunisia

Almost 2,000 people arrived on the Italian island of Lampedusa over the weekend from Libya and Tunisia.

Africa Must Rise Against Western/White Imperialism

NATO has been bombing houses and killing families and children in their hundreds in Libya. It has also struck pipelines of the Great Man Made River Libya's main water supply this means that the Libyan people will die of thirst because they have no other source of drinking water.

UN Envoy Calls for Political Solution of the Libyan Conflict

With the conflict in Libya entering its fifth month and showing no signs of waning, it is critical for the parties to redouble efforts towards a political solution as well as to alleviate the suffering caused to the people of the North African nation, a senior United Nations official stressed today.

Oil Companies Prepare for a Post-Gaddafi Libya

The Washington Post last week noted that representatives of ConocoPhillips and other American oil companies recently met with a delegation from the so-called Transitional National Council based in “rebel”-held Benghazi. The executives reportedly received assurances that all the contracts they negotiated with the Libyan government would be honoured

South Africa Accuses NATO of Misusing UN Resolution

The President pointed out that the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), which is at the helm of bombings in Libya, was pursuing regime change and political assassinations in Libya, instead of sticking to a UN resolution to protect civilians.

Achieving A Ceasefire, Moving Toward Legitimate Government In Libya

AFRICANGLOBE - The character of the Libyan crisis today arises from the complex but so far evidently indecisive impact of the UN-authorised military intervention, now formally led by NATO, in what had already become a civil war.