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Libyan Parliament Asks UN For ‘Urgent Intervention’ Against Militias

AFRICANGLOBE - Libya's new parliament has adopted a resolution asking the UN for help to deal with militia violence across the country. The assembly has said it wants to integrate members of the militias into the regular army.

Gunfire Erupts Outside Libyan Parliament

AFRICANGLOBE - Clashes have erupted outside the Libyan parliament in the capital, Tripoli, in an attack being claimed by forces loyal to a retired army general accused of launching a coup attempt.

Libyan Militias Order Government To Step Down Or Face Detention

AFRICANGLONBE - Two Libyan militias have called for the country's legislators to step down or be detained, the head of the interim parliament has refused and called the ultimatum an impending coup. The term of the Libyan parliament, or GNC, expired on February 7. However, legislators voted to extend it with plans to hold new elections in the spring.