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Autopsy Of Ezell Ford Shows LAPD Shot Him In Back

AFRICANGLOBE - The autopsy stated that the shot to Ezell Ford's back and another to his abdomen were fatal. The wound on his back revealed a muzzle imprint from the gun, suggesting the shot was fired at close range.

False Flag: LAPD On High Alert After Officers Allegedly Ambushed By...

AFRICANGLOBE - Two gunmen allegedly fired at two Los Angeles police officers Sunday evening as they were responding to a call in South Central Los Angeles near the border of the city of Inglewood. The officers claim that two individuals walked into the road on which they were driving and that a muzzle flash indicated that they were being fired upon.

LAPD Survey Found Christopher Dorner Was Right

Though Dorner was roundly condemned for his deadly February 2013 rampage, his allegations about discipline in the LAPD tapped into a deep well of discontent among many LAPD officers who had grown increasingly unhappy with how punishments were meted out under Beck.

‘Django Unchained’ Actress Charged With Lewd Conduct

AFRICANGLOBE - The Django Unchained actress who claimed racial profiling by police last month has been charged with lewd conduct. Daniele Watts and her boyfriend Brian James Lucas were each reportedly charged with lewd conduct.

Hundreds Rally In L.A. To Protest LAPD Shooting Of Ezell Ford

AFRICANGLOBE - “I’m sick and tired of the police killing our people off,” said Nicole Tinson, who wore a shirt that read “Unapologetically Black.” “It’s absolutely ridiculous,” Tinson said. “A man who holds his hands up is surrendering himself. You can’t go shoot someone already down.”

Two Nights After Zimmerman Verdict, Protests Rip Through Los Angeles

Protesters angered by the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin ran through the streets of Los Angeles, breaking store windows, and stopping traffic and attacking passing cars and pedestrians late Monday night as passions continued to simmer two nights after the verdict in Florida. At least a dozen people were arrested.

Police Watchdog Agrees With LAPD Report on Christopher Dorner

AFRICANGLOBE - While on the run, Christopher Dorner posted an online manifesto in which he sought to explain his actions. In it, he described the LAPD as an agency rife with racism and corruption, and claimed the killings were "a necessary evil that I do not enjoy but must partake and complete for substantial change to occur within the LAPD and reclaim my name.”

Profiting From Death: Couple Happy to Receive Christopher Dorner Reward Money

AFRICANGLOBE - A panel of three judges has decided that the vast majority of the $1 million Christopher Dorner reward money offered during the manhunt for the former LAPD cop will go to a couple he tied up in their Southern California mountain cabin.

LAPD to Question Officers About Racism In Wake Of Christopher Dorner...

AFRICANGLOBE - The Los Angeles Police Department is doing some soul searching on racism in the ranks. As a result of the Christopher Dorner case, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck says he’s trying to find out what officers have to say about racism in the department.

Why the LAPD’s Hunt for Christopher Dorner Is Indefensible

AFRICANGLOBE - In hunting down Christopher Dorner, hell-bent on revenge over being fired from the Los Angeles Police Department, officers twice fired without warning on three innocent civilians, wounding two of them. That innocent people got shot by cops who think their own safety is paramount, whose actions show they value their own lives more than those of people they are sworn to protect.

Support for Christopher Dorner Spreads Across Internet

AFRICANGLOBE - Christopher Dorner got his wish. Ex-police officer Dorner, the subject of a massive manhunt in California and suspect in the killing of three people, wrote a rambling 6,000-word manifesto describing the racism and corruption of the Los Angeles Police Department in graphic detail. Now it appears that many people believe him.

Trayvon Martin Lawyer Seeks Probe of LAPD After Violent Incidents

The civil rights attorney who represented the family of slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin has asked for a federal investigation into the use of...

Demonstrators Protest Beating of Black Skateboarder by LA Police

AFRICANGLOBE - Supporters of a Black college student who says he was severely beaten by Los Angeles police who stopped him for skateboarding rallied on Wednesday at the scene of his arrest to protest what they called excessive force and racial profiling.