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Africans In California Under The Rule Of Spain, Mexico And America

AFRICANGLOBE - On September 4, 1781, 44 non-natives settled at what they would describe as El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles (The Town of Our Lady the Queen of Angels), now known as Los Angeles, LA, or "City of Angels". At least 28 of those early settlers are reported as being of African descent. This settlement occurred during the time that the region now called Mexico was governed as a colony by Spain. Over a century before their arrival -- in 1570 -- an African slave revolt had occurred in the Veracruz region of Mexico, led by Gaspar Yanga.

Africa Does Not Need The Great America Garbage

AFRICANGLOBE - Never before has such a powerful foreign leader challenged Africans so directly on their own soil. On a visit to Kenya Obama personalized the issue of homosexuality by comparing homophobia to racial discrimination that he had encountered in the United States.

White Terrorism: Black Family’s $3.5 Million Home Firebombed

AFRICANGLOBE - Ronald and Malissia Clinton live in a lovely community outside Los Angeles, and last week, someone firebombed their home in what the couple believes was a racially motivated hate crime.

Ezell Ford Autopsy Report: Four Unanswered Questions

AGRICANGLOBE - "The killing of Ezell Ford has been ruled a homicide by the coroner, and the bullet wounds in his back give strong indication that he could not have been resisting the officers,”

CHP Officer Could Face Serious Charges For Savagely Beating Woman

AFRICANGLOBE - A California Highway Patrol officer who was videotaped savagely beating a woman on the side of a Los Angeles freeway could face serious charges, the agency said Wednesday after forwarding its investigation to the district attorney.

Ezell Ford, Another Unarmed Black Man Is Slaughtered By Police

AFRICANGLOBE - While the country is still reeling from the news and aftermath of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, KTLA is reporting that a 25-year-old man was shot and killed in Los Angeles while lying on the ground. Ezell Ford, 25, was only blocks from his South Los Angeles home when officers stopped him. Police claim that it was an “investigative stop” but have not stated why Ford was being investigated.

Spineless Protest By Clippers’ Players Over Owner’s Racist Remarks

AFRICANGLOBE - The Los Angeles Clippers' players have declined to speak about the scandal surrounding the team owner, Donald Sterling, but they opened their playoff game today with a weak and spineless "protest".

American Couple Found Guilty In Qatar Of Murdering Adopted Black Child...

AFRICANGLOBE - A Los Angeles couple was sentenced to three years in jail in Qatar for causing the death of their adopted African-born daughter, who was found to have died of starvation, in a case that has raised concern in Washington.

74-Year Old Woman Released From Prison After 32 Years For A...

AFRICANGLOBE - A Los Angeles county judge has ruled that 74-year-old Mary Virginia Jones, who served 32 years for a murder committed by her allegedly abusive boyfriend, will be released from prison. In 1981, she was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for murder, kidnapping and robbery in a fatal shooting.

Two Nights After Zimmerman Verdict, Protests Rip Through Los Angeles

Protesters angered by the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin ran through the streets of Los Angeles, breaking store windows, and stopping traffic and attacking passing cars and pedestrians late Monday night as passions continued to simmer two nights after the verdict in Florida. At least a dozen people were arrested.

LAPD Opens Probe Into Christopher Dorner’s Firing

AFRICANGLOBE - Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck has changed his tune about alleged cop killer Christopher Dorner's writings about being wrongfully terminated, announcing yesterday that the department was opening an investigation into Dorner’s firing.

20 Years After the LA Riots Nothing Has Changed

The killing of Trayvon Martin is a reminder of the racial divide poisoning American life, which has resisted all attempts to bridge it, even...

Black Exodus Changes The Political Landscape In Many States

AFRICANGLONBE - Redistricting experts say the Black exodus from cities such as Detroit, Cleveland and Philadelphia contributed to placing Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania among the 10 states that will lose congressional seats because of reapportionment after the census. With Republican governors in 29 states, the GOP has greater influence over redistricting than Democrats.