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Armed Groups in Eastern Congo Ready to Disarm

AFRICANGLOBE - Several armed groups in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo have said they are ready to lay down their weapons, following the army's defeat of M23 rebels. Since then, there has been a series of letters and declarations by other militias expressing their willingness to be demobilized.

M23’s Defeat Raises Hopes of Peace in Eastern DR Congo

AFRICANGLOBE - The imminent defeat of M23 rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo is the result of shifting military and political dynamics that are presenting the most concrete prospects of peace in the vast, central African nation for many years.

After Suffering Heavy Losses Congo’s M23 Rebels Agree To Disarm

AFRICANGLOBE - The Democratic Republic of Congo's M23 rebel group has declared an end to its 20-month rebellion, saying it is ready to disarm and demobilise troops and pursue a political solution to end the crisis in the east of the country.

Will There Be Peace At Last In The DRC?

AFRICANGLOBE - It appears to be mission accomplished for the South African troops fighting under the banner of the United Nations Intervention Force in the DRC. This weekend the leader of the M23 rebel movement called for a ceasefire. But how long will it last?

Congo: M23 Rebels On the Brink of Defeat

AFRICANGLOBE - Congolese government troops have entered the eastern border town of Bunagana as M23 rebels abandoned what was the last significant town they were holding.

M23 Rebels To Cease Combat Around Goma

AFRICANGLOBE - Democratic Republic of Congo's M23 rebels will stop fighting and withdraw from front lines immediately to allow an investigation into shelling that hit neighbouring Rwanda, their leader said on Friday.

Renewed Fighting in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

AFRICANGLOBE - After a three-week lull, heavy fighting has resumed outside Goma in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. M23 rebels and the DRC army blame each other for renewing hostilities. The battle began Wednesday night and continued into Thursday.

Tension High In DR Congo as UN Brigade Prepares to Attack...

The planned offensive by the UN Intervention Brigade on M23 rebels in eastern DR Congo this week is raising fears of a humanitarian crisis. Aid workers have warned that the existing humanitarian crisis in the war-ravaged mineral rich eastern part of DRC could worsen if the UN hybrid force uses force to disarm the rebels, who have vowed to fight back if attacked

No Honour Among Thieves: Hundreds of M23 Rebels Flee to Rwanda

AFRICANGLOBE - Fierce fighting between two DR Congo rebel factions of M23 broke out on Friday with one group led by Gen. Sultani Makenga causing 718 rebel fighters led by ex-political leader Jean-Marie Runiga to flee to Rwanda. For the past three weeks, two factions have emerged in M23 and have been battling each other.

Congo: Documented Cases of Human Rights Abuse Emerge Against M23 Rebels

AFRICANGLOBE - Newly documented human rights violations in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) include cases of arbitrary executions and rape - among...

Could Rwanda’s Support for M23 Rebels Backfire?

Rwanda's President Kagame might have the most to gain from M23's successes in the eastern DRC, but he may also have the most to...

M23 Rebels Commanded by Rwanda’s Defense Minister – UN Report

AFRICANGLOBE - The escalation of conflict in Congo by M23 rebels may signal a panic by Rwanda over its failed bid to get the United...

Rebel Fighters in the DR Congo Enter Goma

A rebel group in the Democratic Republic of Congo seized strategic parts of the eastern, mineral-rich city of Goma today, and is reportedly moving...

UN Deploys Attack Helicopters Against M23 Rebels in Congo

AFRICANGLOBE - The UN Security Council, meeting in an emergency session on Saturday, strongly condemned the latest attacks by the M23 rebel group, which...

Guilty as Charged: Evidence Rwanda is Backing Rebels in Congo

A leaked United Nations special report identifies Rwanda Defence Minister, General James Kabarebe, as the commanding officer of a major rebel movement in the...

UN Accuses Uganda, Rwanda of Backing Rebels in Congo

Uganda has denied allegations its army is arming the M23 rebels fighting against the Kinshasa government in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), joining...