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The Biggest Forms Of Psychological Warfare Used Against Black People

The System has declared psychological warfare against us and many of us are very unaware and ignorantly blind to the psychological warfare that is being constantly used against us. Intro: Here are the biggest forms of psychological warfare The System uses against Black people in America.

Liberal NBC Hires Longtime Racist Megyn Kelly

AFRICANGLOBE - Megyn Kelly, the Fox News stalwart who once reported that both Jesus and Santa are verifiably white, is leaving the network for a new role at supposedly liberal NBC. Kelly has dedicated an inordinate amount of time to propagating the made-up idea that New Black Panthers are a massive group of militants coming to upend good white peoples’ lives. Kelly once maligned a 15-year-old girl abused by a thug cop twice her size as “no saint.” She has tossed around words like “thug” to describe unarmed Black men who were murdered by police.

A&E Cancels Generation KKK Series After Backlash

AFRICANGLOBE - A&E has pulled the plug on its upcoming docuseries centered on the KKK. The network announced their plans to scrap the project, which was intended to serve as a close look at anti-hate extractors focused on helping people leave the Ku Klux Klan, in a statement released Saturday.

Silencing The Truth? Mainstream Media Declares War On Alternative Media

AFRICANGLOBE - The mainstream media is exposed. They lost control of the narrative. The alternative media is growing with an array of independent news organizations, websites, bloggers, citizen journalists and a public that is sick and tired of the lies who just want the truth. If they were to manage to censor the alternative media which will be difficult to do, there will be other ways to inform the public. Remember the printing press? Then again, the MSM will be in a full-blown panic as their newspaper sales continue to plummet. Viewership for the MSM on basic television and cable has declined dramatically thanks to the internet.

7 Ways The White Media Uses Police Jargon To Lie To...

AFRICANGLOBE - The close relationship between reporters and police is often marked by diffusion of language from the police PR team to the front page. In the wake of the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, here are some examples of how “copspeak” — or jargon used by police departments — is internalized by journalists covering police violence, and how it affects the public’s perception of crime and police brutality.

Omar Mateen To Victims: Black People Have Suffered Enough

AFRICANGLOBE - A survivor of one of America’s worst mass shooting to date has spoken for the first time of what occurred when gunman Omar Mateen opened fire in the club, killing 49 people and injuring 53. Speaking from a wheelchair at a press conference yesterday afternoon (June 14), Patience Carter, 20 revealed how the gunman promised not to shoot Black hostages because they had “been through enough”.

Who Needs Television? The Young Turks Are Building A Media Powerhouse...

AFRICANGLOBE - Circumventing mainstream media and its gatekeepers, The Young Turks debuted the first online daily news talk show in 2006. Since then, the network founded by Cenk Uygur has accumulated more than 1 billion views for its progressive and unrestrained programming hosted on YouTube. It’s the largest online news show network in the world.

Cloudy Future For African-Americans In Mainstream Media

AFRICANGLOBE - Michael Baisden, Roland Martin, Soledad O’Brien and Constance White have all either been fired or stepped down from their respective positions in the communications field. With their departures the future of African-Americans in mainstream media is uncertain.

Gun Control Launching White Paranoid Extremists to Prepare for Armed Revolution

AFRICANGLOBE - The battle over gun control has exposed a truth the mainstream media is apparently too shy to mention: A bunch of far-right, White, mostly Southern, paranoid extremists are preparing for armed revolution and apocalypse. They speak treason: literally. They are preparing to "defend" America from America with arsenals of weapons and stockpiles of ammunition. Their "enemy" is everyone in America not like them.