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Obama’s Immigration Policy Hurts Blacks and Helps Republicans!

AFRICANGLOBE - That is right! Sounds incredible, does it not? What is suggested here is that the two major political parties are literally working together when it comes to the immigration issue. The end justifies the means, as the old saying goes. What is going on in Washington D.C. is nothing more than theatrics being played out on a national stage for a gullible electorate.

Zimbabwe Opposition in Tatters As President Mugabe Heads for Election Victory

AFRICANGLOBE - A grand coalition to unseat President Robert Mugabe is failing to materialise because some political leaders are pushing for self-serving agendas rather than national interest, analysts have noted.

All Set for Zimbabwe’s Referendum Vote

AFRICANGLOBE - On 16 March Zimbabweans will vote in a referendum on whether to adopt or reject a draft constitution for which the three major political parties have publicly endorsed a Yes vote. The writing of a new constitution was one of the requirements of the Global Political Agreement,