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‘5 Strategies For De-Westernising Globalisation’ By Ali Mazrui

AFRICANGLOBE - In the face of the brilliant strategies societies can use to tame Western imperialism masquerading as globalisation, contemporary African intellectuals obsessed with Western imperialism have an uneasy task of convincing those who are sceptical as to their utility to African societies.

Introducing The ‘Made In Uganda’ Electric Car

AFRICANGLOBE - In 2006 students from 25 universities and colleges across the world took part in a project to design a plug-in electric hybrid vehicle. At the end of the three year Vehicle Design Summit they had produced four hybrid cars run by solar, biofuels, and human power. Among participants in the exercise, headed by the famed US-based Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), were students from Uganda’s Makerere University.

Jafari Munaba, From Car Washer to Elite IT Guru

AFRICANGLOBE - As a broke student at Makerere University, Jafari Munaba resorted to odd jobs like washing lecturers' cars to make ends meet. He cared...

Ugandan Students Develop Software to Monitor Unborn Babies

Three students at Makerere University in Uganda have designed mobile phone software that can monitor foetal movements and heartbeats. The innovation won Josiah Kavuma, Aaron...