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Violence Continue In Northern Mali As Africans Fight Back

AFRICANGLOBE - Gunmen on motorbikes killed more than 40 Tuareg civilians this week in north Mali, where clashes over land and scarce water are common, an official said. The violence compounds an already dire security situation in the desert region used by jihadist groups to launch attacks in Mali and across West Africa. 

Mali Militias Leave Key Northern Town Ahead Of Peace Deal

AFRICANGLOBE - Pro-government militias withdrew from a flashpoint town in northern Mali on Friday, removing a key obstacle to a long-delayed U.N.-backed peace deal due to be signed this weekend.

Mali’s Tuareg And Arab Problem – Is Peace Without Victory Possible?

AFFRICANGLOBE - 15 May 2015 marked the official signing of the long awaited peace and reconciliation agreement between Mali's government and the Arab and Tuareg rebel groups. These are the same groups who in 2012 took up arms against the central state in a rebellion, claiming an independent northern territory called 'Azawad.'

Nine Soldiers Killed In Mali Rebel Attack

AFRICANGLOBE - Mali's defence ministry said nine soldiers were killed in an attack by Tuareg invaders on a town near the border with Mauritania. Wednesday's attack on the town of Lere, southwest of Timbuktu, was the latest in a series of clashes between the nomads, the Malian army, and a militia allied to the government.

Ancient Timbuktu Manuscripts Saved From Terrorists Shine In Brussels

AFRICANGLOBE - In 2012 Tuareg savages and Muslim terrorists took over northern Mali, imposing draconian-style Islam on an already devout people. The invaders destroyed crucial works of Malian heritage including the tombs of African saints listed with UNESCO, the UN cultural protection agency.

Mali Looks To $9.5bn Rail Projects For Economic Diversification

AFRICANGLOBE - Mali is looking to its $9.5 billion worth railway projects to help open up its economy as improved transport links would attract investors to under-explored resources such as iron ore, bauxite and uranium that are bulkier and more costly to transport than gold- the country’s current economic mainstay.

Weakness: Mali Government Bowing To Terrorists

AFRICANGLOBE - Mali's government has its back to the wall. Three quarters of Malian territory is again under the control of rebels following a major offensive by Tuareg forces in the region around Kidal in the north that began in May.

New French Force Rides The Winds Of Change In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - France may be shutting down its military operation in Mali, but that doesn’t mean French troops are going anywhere anytime soon. Instead, Operation Serval will be replaced by the bigger, brasher and bolder Operation Barkhan, France’s master plan

Mali Imposes National Military Service Amid Threat From Arab And Tuareg...

AFRICANGLOBE - Mali is to introduce compulsory national military service for men and women aged 18 to 35, the government announced, after clashes between northern Tuareg separatists and the army last month.

Mali’s Prime Minister Declares War Against Tuareg Terrorists

AFRICANGLOBE - Mali's prime minister, Moussa Mara, has said his country is now "at war" with Tuareg terrorists, following a battle between government forces and members of the nomadic terrorist group that killed at least 36 people, the defence ministry said.

France, Germany Send Troops To Mali

AFRICANGLOBE - France and Germany say they will deploy troops to Mali as part of a joint military brigade in the West African country. "France and Germany have decided to send elements of the Franco-German Brigade to Mali; the first deployment under the aegis of the EU and in an African location," said a joint statement issued on Wednesday.

Arab Terrorists Pillaged And Destroyed Ancient African Sites In Mali

AFRICANGLOBE - Some 90 per cent of the 11th century archaeological site of Gao Saneye in northern Mali was pillaged by Muslim terrorists during their seizure of the region in 2012, traditional musical instruments and costumes were destroyed, and a World Heritage site mosque needs urgent repairs, United Nations cultural officials reported today.

Germany Plans To Expand Military Presence In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Germany's new defence minister said Sunday her country should engage more strongly in Africa by sending additional military trainers to Mali and supporting the French intervention in Central African Republic.

11 Terrorists Dead In Mali Anti-Terror Operation

AFRICANGLOBE - A French counter-terrorism offensive in rebel-infested northern Mali ended on Friday with 11 terrorists killed and a French soldier wounded, military sources inside the operation told reporters. “The French military operation in the Timbuktu region is completed. Eleven terrorists were killed. A French soldier was wounded but his life is not in danger,” said an official from France's Operation Serval military mission in its former colony.

Mali’s Dogon Hit By Double Crisis

AFRICANGLOBE - The region around Bandiagara, in central Mali's Mopti Region, is struggling to cope with the dual crises. Nestled among giant boulders at the base of the Bandiagara Escarpment is the village of Nombori, home to around 1,200 ethnic Dogon people. There, Pilif Guindo's small clinic is struggling to cope with a steady increase in child malnutrition.

Tuareg Terrorists In Mali Ends Ceasefire Vows Continued Attack

AFRICANGLOBE - An ethnic Tuareg terrorist group in Mali has said it is ending a ceasefire agreed with the government in June. It comes a day after clashes between Malian troops and Tuareg hooligans who prevented a visit by Prime Minister Oumar Tatam Ly to the town of Kidal.