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Malian Troops Advance On Kidal

AFRICANGLOBE - Malian special forces advanced towards the rebel-held town of Kidal on Thursday on a scouting mission ahead of a possible assault on the last stronghold of the Tuareg terrorist MNLA

Malian Army Clash With Tuareg Terrorists Taking the Town of Anefis

AFRICANGLOBE - The Malian military attacked Tuareg rebels early Wednesday and succeeded in taking the village of Anefis, marking the army's first victory and territorial gain without the help of foreign forces

Calm Restored in Timbuktu After Terrorist Attack Is Repelled

AFRICANGLOBE - Calm has been restored to the Malian city of Timbuktu after government and French troops repelled an Arab rebel attack. At least one Malian soldier and three rebels are reported to have been killed in the fighting.

UN Report Accuses Mali Army of Targeting Arabs and Tuaregs

AFRICANGLOBE - The recent military intervention in northern Mali has been followed by a serious escalation of retaliatory violence by Government soldiers who appeared to be targeting members of various ethnic groups perceived to be supportive of the armed groups, a senior United Nations official warned today.

French-Led Malian Forces Move to Recapture Timbuktu

AFRICANGLOBE - In a matter of weeks, Malian forces led by French troops are on the cusp of regaining control of northern Mali previously seized by Arab terrorists. France entered the conflict just two weeks ago, and already the rebels have been pushed back on their heels, as the campaign reaches the famed city of Timbuktu.

French-Malian Troops Advance North, Beating Back Terrorist Fighters

AFRICANGLOBE - With French bombs from the air and the Malian army on the ground, the combined force retook the strategic town of Diabaly in the center of Mali and advanced north to take on the Islamist rebels in areas they have controlled for months.

Mali’s Army in a State of Emergency

AFRICANGLOBE - The Malian army once cut a disciplined image of a well-trained and well-equipped force. But its image as a model army was blown into smithereens under the shells of Tuareg traitors and their Arab allies.

Why are African Armies So Bad?

The conflicts in Mali and Congo have yet again confirmed fears about how poorly equipped, badly commanded, ill trained and hated most African armies are. General Carter Ham head of AFRICOM - the U.S. military command for Africa - did not mince his words, when he briefed the Homeland Security Policy Institute