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Malian Troops Advance On Kidal

AFRICANGLOBE - Malian special forces advanced towards the rebel-held town of Kidal on Thursday on a scouting mission ahead of a possible assault on the last stronghold of the Tuareg terrorist MNLA

Mali: French and Malian Troops Now Control All Major Towns

AFRICANGLOBE - French and Malian troops have recaptured the northern Malian town of Kidal, the last terrorist stronghold in the region, according to military officials. Many fear the Arab terrorists, who have reportedly been driven out of the town near the Algerian border

French, Malian Troops Head for Timbuktu and Gao

AFRICANGLOBE - French and Malian troops were advancing on Gao on Friday and had taken the nearby town of Hombori. More than 9,000 refugees have fled northern Mali since the French joined the Malian troops in an offensive against Arab terrorists groups. Timbuktu is reported to be without water or electricity.

French-Malian Troops Advance North, Beating Back Terrorist Fighters

AFRICANGLOBE - With French bombs from the air and the Malian army on the ground, the combined force retook the strategic town of Diabaly in the center of Mali and advanced north to take on the Islamist rebels in areas they have controlled for months.