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China Steps Up Production in Ethiopia With Drill Instructors and Investors

On arrival at Ethiopia's Eastern Industrial Zone, 36 young African factory workers in red track suits are parading military-style in the car park. "Welcome to Huajian,"...

Could Africa Take 85 Million Jobs from China

The World Bank has said it's in very early stage talks on cooperating with China to promote the transfer of low-value manufacturing jobs to...

Ties With Emerging Economies to Benefit Africa

African countries south of the Sahara are set to benefit from their engagement with emerging economies like China, India and Brazil as these powerful economies outsource some of their industrial activities. There is increasing indication that emerging economies seek to outsource some of their industrial activities, particularly in light manufacturing, to developing nations. This would be a change of attitude from regarding developing countries, especially those in Africa, as sources of raw materials.

Meet Africa's Father of Technology

Innovator, disruptor, and West African software pioneer, Herman Chinery-Hesse wants to make Ghana the "Singapore of Africa". Given he's already created one of Ghana's most successful software companies and is spawning innovations that solve barriers to trade between Africa and the rest of the world, he has a good chance.

Ignorance and Fear Thwart Genuine Black Liberation World-Wide

So we now know that, as of 2008, African Americans had an aggregate purchasing power estimated at $913 billion, larger than the economy of mineral rich South Africa or oil rich Saudi Arabia which savvy researchers will tell you used to be part of Africa until European colonialism.

Ford Ready to Export From South Africa

Ford Motor Company this week announced the completion of a two-year, US$500-million (R3.4-billion) upgrade of its manufacturing and assembly plants in South Africa to enable it to produce and export its new Ranger diesel pickup trucks to 148 countries, mostly in Africa and Asia.

South Africa to Inject Millions In Zimbabwean Firms

Sadc countries have pledged to assi-st Zimbabwe, which is reeling under illegal western economic sanctions, which have blocked economic aid from multilateral institutions.

Chinese Investment in Zambia Projected to Grow By U.S.$3 Billion

THE Chinese investment in Zambia will go up by US$3 billion by the year 2014 and will bring many benefits for the local people, an expert has said.

South Africa's Minerals Beneficiation Policy Approved

The South African Cabinet has approved minerals beneficiation as official policy for South Africa, opening up exciting opportunities for long-term investment in the beneficiation/ manufacturing sector of the economy.