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Garveyism to be Taught in Jamaican Schools

Jamaica's national hero and pan-Africanist leader Marcus Garvey will have a place of prominence in the Jamaican school curriculum this coming academic year. Education Minister,...

The Drive to Exonerate Marcus Garvey Continues

  The Marcus Garvey Celebrations Committee, Institute of Caribbean Studies, and the Rootz Foundation have launched a petition addressed to President Barack Obama for the...

Marcus Mosiah Garvey

AFRICANGLOBE - Marcus Garvey, a simple but humble Black man from Jamaica, West Indies, was the first to forcefully speak about the concept of African nationalism—of Black people returning to Africa, the continent of their forefathers, in order to build a great nation of their own. His writings and ideas would inspire many leaders of the civil rights movement during the second half of the twentieth century.