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Marijuana Is More Dangerous For Men Than Women, Experts Warn

AFRICANGLOBE - A new British study has revealed that smoking marijuana is more dangerous for men than women, with men four times as likely to experience cannabis psychosis.

South Africans Ask Zuma To Resign

AFRICANGLOBE - These requests made up the majority of the recommendations made to Zuma on social networking sites following an invitation by the presidency for people to send suggestions for the president's State of the Nation Address.

Jamaica: Please Do Not Legalise Marijuana

AFRICANGLOBE - I do not think that if we legalised the use of marijuana that it would benefit the majority of Jamaicans. A few artistes and their producers/record companies may now benefit from marijuana promotion. The vast majority of the young people who attempt to emulate them are unsuccessful both in the music industry and anywhere else.

Study: Smoking Marijuana Makes You Dumber

For years, regular marijuana users have dismissed cautionary warnings that the habit killed brain cells, believing it was some kind of urban myth. Well,...