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Two Years After Marikana Massacre, A Challenge To South Africa’s ANC

AFRICANGLOBE - The killing of 34 miners by South African police drew attention to the cozy relationship between big business and the ruling ANC. Some South Africans feel betrayed by the party that led the fight against apartheid.

South Africa’s Marikana Massacre: Who Is To Blame?

AFRICANGLOBE - Police who shot and killed 34 striking miners say they fired in self-defence. But what was behind this brutal Marikana massacre and how will it play out politically in South Africa?

Autopsies Show Marikana Miners Were Shot in the Back

Police would not comment on Monday morning regarding reported allegations that workers killed during the Marikana massacre were fleeing from police. "We can not comment...

Marikana Massacre Marks The End Of South Africa’s Post-Apartheid Settlement?

AFRICANGLOBE - The killing of 34 striking miners by police at the Marikana mine in South Africa last Friday is a tragedy that touches more than just the families and communities of the dead. It also highlights the failure of post-apartheid South Africa to improve the lives of a majority of its citizens.