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Marissa Alexander Released From Jail

AFRICANGLOBE - Marissa Alexander is free from jail in time to spend Thanksgiving with family she has not seen for much of the last three years. The Florida woman – who had been serving a 20-year sentence for firing what she described as a warning shot at her alleged abusive husband – was released from jail Wednesday night, according to a report from First Coast News. Her bond was set at $200,009.

No Bail for Marissa Alexander

AFRICAGLOBE - Marissa Alexander’s motion for bail was left undecided today, when the Judge responsible for the decision decided to delay further action on the matter until January 15, 2014. Alexander’s attorney had made a request for bail in anticipation of her re-trial on charges of aggravated assault, using a firearm, against her estranged husband.

Blacks Who “Stand Their Ground” Are Often Imprisoned

Stand Your Ground laws are less accommodating of Black defendants. Such was the case of successful African-American businessman John McNeil who was found guilty of aggravated assault and felony murder in Georgia in 2006 in connection with the fatal shooting of White contractor who threatened him in front his son.

Unbelievable: ‘Stand Your Ground’ Defense Rejected for Mother Who Fired ‘Warning...

AFRICANGLOBE - No one was hurt or killed when 31-year-old Marissa Alexander fired a warning shot into the air in Aug. 1, 2010. But she remains in a Florida prison after being sentenced to 20 years on July 12, 2012 for a conviction of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Rally Held for Marissa Alexander

AFRICANGLOBE - Hundreds of people attended a rally and march Friday morning at the new Duval County Courthouse downtown Jacksonville, Florida in support of Marissa Alexander, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot

Marissa Alexander Sentenced to 20 Years for ‘Standing Her Ground’

AFRICANGLOBE - There is no reason why Marissa Alexander should spend the next 20 years in prison. If you are the most hardened law-and-order person in the world, even you should have some compassion for Alexander, the Jacksonville, Florida, woman who has been struck by the ridiculous Florida law known as 10-20-life.

Judge Denies Battered Wife New Trial Despite ‘Stand Your Ground’

A judge has denied a new trial for a Florida woman who has gained national support for her assertion that she stood her ground firing a...

Abused Wife Marissa Alexander ‘Stands Her Ground,’ Faces 20 Year Prison...

AFRICANGLOBE - Unfortunately, “Stand Your Ground” doesn’t work nearly as well to protect abused Black women — just vigilante neighborhood watch captains with violent criminal records.