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The Middle East Today Is The Europe Yesterday

AFRICANGLOBE - Mark Twain once said that history doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme. Today, Twain’s comment can be seen in how the echoes of Europe’s past are reverberating through the Middle East’s present. While those involved in the region’s current bout of extended political tumult and armed chaos are somewhat indigenous in origin, the issues and themes are familiar to any student of European history.

The New Fight Over Who Owns the Earth

AFRICANGLOBE - In his recent book, Fred Pearce examines the dynamics behind large-scale land acquisitions and their social, environmental and developmental effects."Buy land. They...

Buy Land, They’re Not Making it Anymore

AFRICANGLOBE - Warlords, Russian oligarchs, Wall Street speculators, Chinese state-owned corporations, Britain's landed gentry, Saudi Arabian princes, Mumbai's dotcom billionaires and Parisian commodity traders...