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Secret Deals Allow Companies To Read Your Private Facebook Messages

AFRICANGLOBE - “We don’t sell data to anyone,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told Congress in April. What he didn't mention is that Facebook gives data away via secret deals with some of Silicon Valley’s biggest players — often without consent.

The Real Reason Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Visited Africa?

AFRICANGLOBE - Mark Zuckerberg is a smooth salesman, as you would expect from someone who heads a corporation that has managed to attract a billion people to its network within a few short years. What was he doing in Africa last week? He was on a grand education tour, he claimed. In truth, Facebook has come to Africa because

The Business Face Of Facebook

AFRICANGLOBE - On February 4, 2014, the social networking service Facebook marked its 10th anniversary. Initially created for Harvard students, the website has since become one of the most powerful forces on the Internet, with over one billion users.

How Africa’s Wealthiest Made Their Money

AFRICANGLOBE - “Don’t come to Africa and help, come and make money,” said Mo Ibrahim, Africa’s pioneer telecoms billionaire. As its economic promise continues to take shape, so Africa is churning out millionaire businessman after multi-million dollar business.

Did the Next Mark Zuckerberg Just Graduate From a Ghanaian School?

AFRICANGLOBE - Since 2008 139 entrepreneurs have graduated from MEST and 13 companies have been started, currently the MEST incubator hosts 10 of these.