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NSA Intercepting Computers Bought Online To Install Spy Malware

AFRICANGLOBE - Germany's Der Spiegel is reporting Sunday that the US National Security Agency (NSA), working with the CIA and FBI, has been intercepting laptops and other electronics bought online before delivery to install malware and other spying tools. According to Der Spiegel, the NSA diverts shipping deliveries to its own "secret workshops" to install the software before resending the deliveries to their purchasers.

Black Firearms Club Hopes To Help Curb Youth Violence

AFRICANGLOBE - Based near Baltimore in Marriottsville, Md., is an African-American firearms club that focuses as much on discipline and black history as it does on shooting. It has 163 members and takes its name from the 9th and 10th Army Cavalry, an African-American regiment known as "Buffalo Soldiers."

‘NSA Stores Data to Target Any Citizen at Any Time’

AFRICANGLOBE - The current revelations on the NSA’s spying are just the tip of the iceberg and affect “almost every country in the world,” said Glenn Greenwald.

Record Number of Black Students In Md. Passed AP Tests

AFRICANGLOBE - More African-American students in Maryland's Class of 2012 successfully passed a rigorous Advanced Placement exam than ever before, as the state continued to lead the nation in the percentage of students deemed college- and career-ready, according to data released Wednesday by the national College Board.