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Where’s the Outrage: US Averaged Over 18 Gun Deaths Daily Since...

AFRICANGLOBE - There have been more than 400 guns deaths since the Newtown massacre on December 14, according to a new interactive project between Slate.com and the anonymous twitter user @gundeaths. The two launched the project because, asSlate writes, there are few real-time chronicles of daily gun deaths in the United States

South African Police Accused of Planting Weapons on Dead Miners

On Monday, South Africa's Marikana Commission of Inquiry saw photos taken by the police after the 16 August massacre. The photos are taken by different...

Unions Collude in Repression as South Africa’s Strike Wave Fizzles

The South African Police Service is waging a brutal campaign of intimidation facilitated by the suffocation of strikes in the mining sector by the...

South African Miners Shot Dead by Security

Mine security guards shot and killed two striking coal miners in KwaZulu-Natal on Wednesday, amid continuing tensions and clashes in South Africa’s mining sector. The...

Dominican Republic Continues Racist Treatment of Haitians

After the government of the Dominican Republic moved just weeks after the devastating Haiti earthquake to strip Dominican citizenship from all Dominicans who were born to Haitian parents,...

South Africa: Police Torture Takes Centre Stage

The news that the South African police are assaulting miners arrested in connection with demonstrations at Marikana should not surprise us, says a Wits...

South African Police Accused of Torturing Marikana Miners

Battered and bruised, jailed ­survivors of the Marikana mine massacre were systematically “tortured” by police this week. Shocking details of alleged ­police torture in cells...

South African Miners Down Tools as Industrial Unrest Spreads

Unrest among South African miners is spreading, after strikes at a Lonmin mine last week resulted in the police massacre of 34 striking miners. About 500 workers at the nearby...

South African Miners Defiant in Face of Government, Company Threats

Four days after 34 of their coworkers were massacred by heavily armed police, striking South African miners defied a company ultimatum to return to...

South African Govt Gives Lip Service to Striking Miners

In the wake of the shocking police massacre last week that left 34 striking miners, the Jacob Zuma's government has ordered the platinum mining...