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40,000 Kenyans Accuse Britain Of Abuse And Torture In Second Mau...

AFRICANGLOBE - Over 41,000 Kenyans have filed a lawsuit against the British government for compensation, alleging maltreatment and torture during a Mau Mau uprising in the 1950s against UK colonial rule.

Inside the Murderers’ Club

AFRICANGLOBE - In that oak-panelled gentlemen's club for torturers and mass murderers, there is a small leather-bound handbook with instructions on how to respond to evidence of atrocities. The club members range from elderly officials from the British and French colonial service to rather more youthful state apparatchiks from Kenya and Sudan, along with Mexican and Columbian drug lords,

Britain Offers ‘Sincere Regrets’ But No Apology to Tortured Kenyans

AFRICANGLOBE - Britain has bowed to legal moves and agreed to compensate 5,228 elderly Kenyans tortured during the Mau Mau uprising from 1952 until 1961. The deal follows a London court ruling last year that victims could sue.

Mau Mau Torture Victims Win First Round of Legal Battle Against...

Three Kenyans who say they were victims of torture and sexual abuse at the hands of British colonial rulers during the 1950s Mau Mau...