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Police Officer Shot In The Face In Queens, New York

AFRICANGLOBE - A New York City police officer in plain clothes was shot in the face and critically wounded on Saturday in Queens after driving up in an unmarked car to question a man on the street, officials said.

NYPD’s Work Stoppage Backfire: Arrest Rates Plummet At No Cost To...

AFRICANGLOBE - The NYPD's “slowdown strike” has unwittingly placed the police in an awkward position: with arrest rates plummeting and no significant harm done to public safety, the department may soon find itself having disproven the value of Broken Windows policing polices that #BlackLivesMatter protesters have been calling for an end to all along.

Can Cuomo And De Blasio Stand Up To NYPD Thuggery?

AFRICANGLOBE - If NYPD officers can brazenly disrespect Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner Bratton, then why act surprised when citizens complain of their abusive treatment by the hands of NYPD officers?

When Police Die! – A Must Read

AFRICANGLOBE - Forty years ago, the Black Panther Party sought to challenge the causation of inner-city violence. The BPP attempted to rid the community of drug dealing, gang violence and police brutality and murder. In response, the BPP was confronted with the full force of state violence, essentially destroying a movement with the potential of de-criminalizing the community, forging a revolutionary future.

The New York Shooting And The Bid To Outlaw Opposition To...

AFRICANGLOBE - Asked in his press conference Monday what his attitude was toward protesters who called officers murderers and racists, de Blasio indicated that those who “say inappropriate things, who say hateful things,” are to be reported to the police as criminals. He insisted that the way to “contribute to making things better” in a democracy is to “show respect and support for our police.”

Bed Wench Stacey Dash Accuses Al Sharpton Of Waging Jihad Against...

AFRICANGLOBE - Stacey Dash is turning up the heat on social media again, this time in the aftermath of the alleged ambush of two NYPD cops on Saturday afternoon. The actress told her Twitter followers that the murders “are the natural result of the Jihad on cops” prompted by Rev. Al Sharpton and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. “They should be held accountable.”

Justice On The Horizon For “Central Park Five” After de Blasio...

According to filmmaker Ken Burns, who last year brought out a documentary on the notorious and racially charged story of the “Central Park 5″ — five Black boys wrongfully convicted of raping a White female jogger — newly elected New York Mayor Bill de Blasio will finally settle the case.