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China Steps Up The War On Blacks Banning Them From McDonald’s

AFRICANGLOBE - Footage posted on social media showed a man holding a sign which said Black people were barred from McDonald's in Guangzhou, and they should notify the police for medical isolation. The note said: "We've been informed that from now on Black people are not allowed to enter the restaurant.

Franchises Create Business Opportunities For Blacks

AFRICANGLOBE - “One of the good things for African-Americans is we are big consumers. But how much do we really own?” “We need to flip the switch or flip the script ... and say, ‘I want to build my legacy and my legacy to my family is wealth generation and not generational debt.’

McDonald’s CEO Reveals The Company’s 4 Biggest Problems – But He...

AFRICANGLOBE - No, it’s not a mistake. Many people don’t know this , but the CEO of McDonald’s is Black and his name is Don Thompson. Thompson recently had a conference call with investors and analysts where he revealed the four biggest issues facing the brand, and how he plans to address these issues. But he also forgot to mention some other very important issues that affects the Black community!

Useful Tips On Franchising In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Franchising has become one of the most common routes businesses are taking in Africa. With giant franchises like McDonalds, KFC, ColdStone and the likes, who have their tentacles around the globe, gradually spreading across the continent, it is pertinent to understand that to succeed as an owner of a franchise takes the same business principles as it does in any other business.