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Liberal NBC Hires Longtime Racist Megyn Kelly

AFRICANGLOBE - Megyn Kelly, the Fox News stalwart who once reported that both Jesus and Santa are verifiably white, is leaving the network for a new role at supposedly liberal NBC. Kelly has dedicated an inordinate amount of time to propagating the made-up idea that New Black Panthers are a massive group of militants coming to upend good white peoples’ lives. Kelly once maligned a 15-year-old girl abused by a thug cop twice her size as “no saint.” She has tossed around words like “thug” to describe unarmed Black men who were murdered by police.

Bed Wenches Go Ballistic Defending Donald Trump

AFRICANGLOBE - Are Black women abandoning the Democrats to follow Donald Trump? Video bloggers Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, whose latest clip is entitled “Megyn Kelly and that Damn Debate,” ripped into Kelly in the wake of her questions and accusations of the billionaire presidential candidate at Thursday’s debate.

Bill O’Reilly On Blacks: ‘All You Hear Is Grievance, Grievance, Grievance!...

AFRICANGLOBE - Sexual predator and racial arsonist Bill O’Reilly has some pointers for Black people: "Instead of preaching a cultural revolution, the leadership provides excuses for failure. The race hustlers blame White privilege, an unfair society, a terrible country. So the message is, it’s not your fault if you abandon your children, if you become a substance abuser, if you are a criminal. No, it’s not your fault, it’s society’s. That is the big lie that is keeping some African Americans from reaching their full potential."

Fear Of A Black Santa, Black Jesus And Black President

AFRICANGLOBE - There are more stars in Creation than all the grains of sand on all the beaches and deserts in the world! And the White man, Jesus Christ, we are told is the Creator behind everything that ever was, is and will be. As you may know Christianity, Judaism and Islam all spring from the same root.

Would Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Pray Before A Black Jesus?

AFRICANGLOBE - Megyn Kelly's matter of fact assertion that Jesus and Santa Claus "must of course" both be "White" is a perfect fit for a public that believes that "there is a war on Christmas" and a Black communist, socialist, fascist named Barack Obama is President of the United States. Such beliefs are the gravity holding together the intellectual constellation that is the Fox News Right-wing media universe and its public.

Santa’s Color: How A Fictional Character Represents Race In America

AFRICANGLOBE - Well this week I’ve been outdone by a Fox News anchor who emphatically stated not only that Jesus was White, but that Santa Claus is White too.