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Meles Zenawi Defends Ethiopia’s Security Investment

Thirty nine fighter jet pilots and 201 technicians graduated in Ethiopia, the biggest number ever to graduate in one go, as the country works...

New East African Mega Port to Become Gateway to Great Lakes...

The construction of Lamu Port in Kenya has been officially launched by Kenya's President Mwai Kibaki, South Sudan's President Salva Kiir and Ethiopia's Prime...

South Sudan Govt in Talks With Texas Company On Oil Pipeline

The government of South Sudan is in talks with a Texas-based company to explore options for building an oil pipeline which would serve as...

Ethiopia’s Largest Cement Factory Inaugurated

Derba MIDROC Cement Plc, Ethiopia’s largest cement factory, was inaugurated this week in the presence of the country's Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and other...

The African Renaissance Is Beginning’ Says Ethiopian Prime Minister

"The African Renaissance that we all dreamed of is beginning to happen", claimed Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi on Saturday, at the inauguration of the new African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa. "We are now seeing the results of our struggle for survival", he declared. "Our economies have been growing at a respectable pace for nearly a decade. We have managed to overcome and manage many of the conflicts that ravaged our continent and have overhauled our conflict resolution capacity".

Call for African Integration at Davos

African leaders called for greater market integration on the continent, the freeing up of border controls and more coordination in developing infrastructure during a special session at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Thursday. South African President Jacob Zuma told delegates attending the plenary session "Africa: from transition to transformation" that much work has already been done on increasing cooperation among African states, such as the agreement among leaders last year on the need for a free trade zone.

Oil Talks Collapse Between North and South Sudan

The presidents of Sudan Omer Hassan al-Bashir and South Sudan Salva Kiir failed to reach an agreement on the terms by which Juba can export its oil through the north's pipelines despite pressure mounted by African leaders present at the summit in Addis Ababa. The Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi who is the current chair of the African Union (AU) spent several hours of the day in Sheraton hotel desperately trying to convince Bashir and Kiir to reach common grounds on the issue of oil.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Recent Visit to Egypt Receives Mixed Reviews

At the end of his second trip to Cairo to meet with government and military officials on Saturday, Cairo’s response to Ethiopian Prime minister Meles Zenawi’s visit muddled more issues regarding relationships among the Nile Basin states.

Wikileaks: Ethiopian PM Tells U.S That Removing Bashir Regime Is 'Preferred...

The Ethiopian Prime minister Meles Zenawi told the U.S. administration that toppling the government led by Sudanese president Omer Hassan al-Bashir would be the ideal scenario for Washington, according to leaked diplomatic cable.

China Loans Ethiopia $500 Million For Development

China has lent Ethiopia US$ 500 million that will be used to fund various development projects in the Horn of Africa country.