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Senegalese-Born Man Stands for French Presidency

A Senegalese-born French politician has offered himself as a candidate for France's Socialist Party in a bid to become the country's first black President.

South Sudan Admitted Into the African Union

Southern Sudan has been officially admitted to the African Union, becoming the 54th member country. The Addis Ababa-headquartered organisation Wednesday said it had accepted an official request for membership from the Southern Sudan Government.

UN Member States Gather to Welcome South Sudan to Community of...

South Sudan's independence from the rest of Sudan is the result of the January 2011 referendum held under the terms of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) that ended the decades-long civil war between the North and the South.

African Free Trade Area a Boost for BRICS

The historic $1-trillion African free trade area, the first vital steps towards which were taken over the weekend, will serve as a major boost for the BRICS grouping, says International Marketing Council of South Africa CEO Miller Matola.

Feds Indicts 51 Mexican Gang Members for Targeting Blacks

The indictment, unsealed Tuesday, said members of the Azusa 13 gang targeted blacks and engaged in a range of crimes including murder, narcotics and weapons trafficking, and intimidation.

Nigeria's Chances of a Permanent Seat on The UN Security Council

Secretary-General of the United Nations, UN, Mr Ban Ki-moon, has expressed confidence that the chances of Africa's representation in the UN Security Council are bright, saying Nigeria remains a dependable ally of the UN

Calls for Candidate From Developing Country for IMF

South Africa, as a member of the International Monetary Council (IMF), has called for a candidate from a developing country to be given the opportunity to be the Managing Director of the IMF.

Rapper Who Invented the Dougie Shot Dead

Rap group Cali Swag District's M-Bone was recently shot and killed late last night. While details have been kept brief, according to an Inglewood police spokesperson, the 22 year old group member sustained multiple gunshot wounds to the head while sitting in his vehicle on Le Brea Avenue.

Tsvangirai accused of using mafia-style tactics

MDC-T party leader Morgan Tsvangirai has been accused of running that party using ‘mafia-style’ tactics. The party was rocked by violence in the run-up to...