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South Africa: President Zuma And A Nation In Distress

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa's President Jacob Zuma's last appearance in Parliament ended badly, to say the least. With Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members of Parliament (MPs) shouting 'pay back the money' as they demanded answers on Nkandla, Zuma was spirited out of the House to protect him from the embarrassment of being shouted down during Parliamentary question time.

South Africans Concerned Over ‘Unruly’ National Assembly

AFRICANGLOBE - Earlier this month, police were called into the assembly after an opposition lawmaker called President Jacob Zuma a "thief." He had been protesting a parliamentary decision to clear the president of any blame for spending some 246 million rand worth of public funds to renovate his country estate.

Uganda To Reintroduce Anti-Homosexuality Law

AFRICANGLOBE - A Ugandan law thrown out on a technicality could be re-submitted to the country's parliament as early as next week. Several legislators want a prompt fresh vote on the measure without lengthy debate. A Ugandan lawmaker announced on Wednesday that he is spearheading a campaign to reintroduce a recently overturned anti-homosexuality law for a fast-track vote in parliament.

Chinese Credit to Finance Ghana's Infrastucture Upgrade

Ghana's Opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) members of parliament were up in arms when the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) used its slim parliamentary majority to push through approval of a US$3 billion credit line from the China Development Bank