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Infidelity And The Social Media Revolution

AFRICANGLOBE - It has become clear that couples with the propensity to cheat are finding it easier to do so with the help of the internet and social networking. Social media platforms are fast eroding the institution of marriage, couples are now using it to flirt, cheat and philander.

Italy Denounced For Hosing Down – Disinfecting African Migrants In Cold...

AFRICANGLOBE - Italy's governing regime has promised an investigation into the treatment of migrants after a video was taken of naked African refugees being hosed down and disinfected in cold weather at a holding center on the southern island of Lampedusa.

The Rise Of The African Woman

AFRICANGLOBE - “If women want more rights than they got, why don’t they take it and stop talking about taking it.” A century after these words were uttered by Sojourner Truth, men and statistics are quick to point out that women have heed her words.

Black Fathers: Lessons Learned from Trayvon Martin

Black youth both young men and women are being killed at a record number in America, their lives seemingly have no value. Just another statistic...