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Back to the Plantations: African-Americans Accuse Farms of Preferring Mexicans

AFRICANGLOBE - As Congress weighs immigration legislation expected to expand the guest worker program, another group is increasingly crying foul — Americans, mostly Black, who live near the farms and say they want the field work but cannot get it because it is going to Mexicans

FBI Memo Advised Schmoozing ‘Slow’ Mexicans, Duping Blacks

AFRICANGLOBE - A Federal Bureau of Investigations memo from 1947, published Monday, reveals that FBI agents were once trained to exploit the supposed weaknesses of various minority groups.

Mexicans Face Racial Violence Charges For Sadistic Attack On Black Family...

AFRICANGLOBE - Three Mexicans have been arrested for racist attack on a Black family in Compton, Calif. Two men and a teenage boy allegedly beat a Black man visiting a family that had recently moved into the neighborhood. The trio used metal pipes and uttered racial slurs, reports say. One of the suspects, 21-year-old Efren Marquez, aimed a gun at the victim while he was being beaten, threatening to shoot.