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Mexico City Authorities Cover Up the Murder of Malcolm Latif Shabazz

Mexico City authorities are following the usual pattern in the case of Malcolm Latif Shabazz. To make it appear that justice is being done, they’ve jailed two waiters who may have participated in beating him to death. However Mexico City's government has refused to show the press a video revealing the way the young activist died.

Afro-Mexicans Demanding Justice for Malcolm Shabazz Attacked by Hundreds of Cops

AFRICANGLOBE - Police have attacked, beaten numerous protesters who are holding a peaceful vigil to call attention to the brutal death of Malcolm X’ grandson Malcolm Latif Shabazz. Among those known to be physically and badly assaulted are...

Mexico Arrests Two Over Murder of Malcolm X’s Grandson Malcolm Shabazz

AFRICANGLOBE - Police in Mexico have detained two men suspected of involvement in the murder of Malcolm Shabazz, the grandson of US political activist Malcolm X. The suspects work at the bar where Malcolm Shabazz, 29, was murdered on 9 May 2013.