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Cops Fired After ‘Joking’ About Using Miami’s Black Neighborhoods As Target...

AFRICANGLOBE - Three police officers were fired after joking in chat logs about using Miami’s Black neighborhoods as a shooting range. "Anyone know of an indoor shooting range in Miami?” one officer asked in a WhatsApp group chat. “Go to model city they have moving targets,” replied Kevin Bergnes. “There’s a range in Overtown on 1 and 11. Moving targets and they don’t charge,” added Miguel Valdes. Overtown is the name of a predominant Black neighborhood, just northwest of downtown Miami. It was originally called Colored Town during the Jim Crow era of the late 19th through the mid-20th century.

As Caribbean Immigration Rises, Miami’s Black Population Becomes More Foreign

AFRICANGLOBE - One in three Black residents in Miami is now an immigrant, a reflection of a nationwide trend that shows immigrants making up a rising share of the country’s Black population, according to a new Pew Research Center study.

Florida Police Dept Caught Using Mug Shots Of Black Men As...

AFRICANGLOBE - The North Miami Beach police department was discovered last month to be using mug shots of Black Americans for sniper practice at a firing range.

Florida: Nine People Wounded, 2 Dead In Liberty City Mass Shooting

AFRICANGLOBE - Two gunmen sprayed a Liberty City apartment complex with dozens of rounds of gunfire from automatic weapons early Tuesday morning, killing two people and seriously injuring seven others, in one of the worst mass shootings in Miami in decades.

Miami Police Carry Out Daily Harassment Of Customers Supporting Black Business

AFRICANGLOBE - Outside the 207 Quickstop, a convenience store in the suburban city of Miami Gardens, surveillance cameras have caught a lot of action. Only, the crimes that have been committed, on a regular basis, have been committed by cops, who appear to have made a sport out of harassing and humiliating the largely African American clientele of the store.

Caribbean Nationals Detained In Miami are Not Criminals

AFRICANGLOBE - A new report says that the majority of Caribbean and other nationals detained for deportation in Miami-Dade County through a controversial US federal immigration enforcement programme are not dangerous criminals.