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Body Cameras Can’t Stop Bad Cops

AFRICANGLOBE - Raymond Kelly, twice the police commissioner of New York City changed his mind about body cameras on policemen back in April, the day he saw Walter Scott running away from a trigger-happy white cop named Michael Slager in North Charleston, S.C.

The New York Shooting And The Bid To Outlaw Opposition To...

AFRICANGLOBE - Asked in his press conference Monday what his attitude was toward protesters who called officers murderers and racists, de Blasio indicated that those who “say inappropriate things, who say hateful things,” are to be reported to the police as criminals. He insisted that the way to “contribute to making things better” in a democracy is to “show respect and support for our police.”

Mayor Bloomberg Have You No Shame?

AFRICANGLOBE - Mayor Bloomberg has presided over a reign of terror over the majority of the citizens of the City of New York. According to Judge Scheindlin,

NYC Mayor Bloomberg: Fingerprint Public Housing Residents and Visitors

A federal judge has already found the NYPD to have discriminated against Black people in its stop-and-frisk policy. Mayor Bloomberg’s suggestion to fingerprint innocent public housing residents and guests, is further evidence of.

Mayor Bloomberg Stop Lying: Racial Profiling is Not Good Policing

AFRICANGLOBE - Mayor Bloomberg did not offer New Yorkers a speech on public safety yesterday. Instead, he gave his skewed reality of stop-and-frisk policing tactics and an unreflective view of the communities most affected by his policies.