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Militarization Of Ferguson: Instruments Of War Deployed Against Civilians

AFRICANGLOBE - Military equipment utilized in war zones such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Yemen was deployed against the Black people in Ferguson. Humvees and anti-mining devices were very much in evidence when SWAT units swept through the affected neighborhoods which have refused to end their demonstrations.

New Witness To Michael Brown’s Murder Steps Forward With New Video

AFRICANGLOBE - According to Tiffany Mitchell, Brown, Jr, began to run away after the first shot was fired. “After the shot, the kid just breaks away. The cop follows him, kept shooting, the kid’s body jerked as if he was hit. After his body jerked he turns around, puts his hands up, and the cop continues to walk up on him and continues to shoot until he goes all the way down

Michael Brown Shooting: Ferguson Police Circling The Wagons?

AFRICANGLOBE - Two recent decisions by police in Ferguson, Mo., are leading to criticism that the department is more concerned with protecting its own than with transparency in the police shooting on Saturday of Michael Brown, an unarmed, Black teenager.

Michael Brown Murder: Ferguson Police ‘Shoot Second Man’

AFRICANGLOBE - A second man has been shot by police in Ferguson, the Missouri city where unarmed Black 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot dead last weekend. "We have a right to assemble, a right to freedom," said Paul Muhammad. "But here we are facing what looks like a military imposing martial law. It is not acceptable."

Ferguson Police Fire Teargas At Crowds Protesting Michael Brown Killing

AFRICANGLOBE - Authorities in a St Louis suburb where unarmed Black teenager Michael Brown was gunned down by police have used teargas and rubber bullets to try to disperse crowds as unrest continued through Monday night.

Michael Brown, Another Unarmed Black Teen Gunned Down By Police

AFRICANGLOBE - A friend and witnesses say Missouri teen Michael Brown was unarmed and had his hands in the air when a Ferguson police officer shot and killed him. Protests in Missouri around the death of an unarmed teen turned violent late Sunday. A gas station was looted, and police called for additional units to back up officers already on the street,

Black Patrons Refused Service At Restaurant Because White Customer Felt Uncomfortable

Michael Brown and a group of Black patrons say they were celebrating his cousin's last day in Charleston last month at Wild Wing Cafe in North Charleston. He says after his party of 25 waited two hours for a table, the shift manager told them there was a "situation."