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Oprah Winfrey Joins The White Media In Tearing Down Michael Jackson’s...

AFRICANGLOBE - Oprah Winfrey, an alleged survivor of sexual abuse sat down with the two men who have accused Michael Jackson of raping them when they were children in the new hit piece masquerading as a documentary "Leaving Neverland".

Aaron McGruder Was Right About R. Kelly And Black America’s Blind...

AFRICANGLOBE - It was perhaps the first serious time a television show dealt with R. Kelly’s issue of under aged girls and the Black community’s choice to blindly support him despite the obvious. With the information of the numerous times that R. Kelly has had relations, raped, been taken to court, paid settlements and made videotapes with more than a dozen young girls it seems that Aaron McGruder was right all along.

Black America: To be Controlled or To Take Control?

Not too long ago, Denzel Washington won the Oscar for “Training Day” as a rogue cop, but not for Malcolm X or Hurricane where arguments could easily be...

Beyond Dr. Murray: Michael Jackson Had Many “Killers”

This week, Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty in connection with the death of mega music star Michael Jackson after a two year legal struggle. But is Dr. Murray really the only one guilty in the untimely death of the King of Pop?