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When Jamaica Led The Postcolonial Fight Against Exploitation

AFRICANGLOBE - In 1972 the socialist left swept to power in Jamaica. Calling for the strengthening of workers’ rights, the nationalization of industries, and the expansion of the island’s welfare state, the People’s National Party (PNP), led by the charismatic Michael Manley, sought nothing less than to overturn the old order under which Jamaicans had long labored—first as enslaved, then indentured, then colonized, and only recently as politically free of Great Britain. Jamaica is a small island, but the ambition of the project was global in scale.

New Cuba Policy Stirs Caribbean Memories

AFRICANGLOBE - When I was a young adult living in Jamaica, the government of then Prime Minister Michael Manley had very strong ties and a special relationship with Cuba. Jamaica lies just south of that island, fewer than 300 miles away. And before the Cuban revolution, Jamaicans and Cubans had always traveled freely back and forth between the two countries.

Venezuela And Jamaica: The Ties That Bind

AFRICANGLOBE - The classic irony was on full display in the Jamaica's Parliament on Tuesday. Just as the House prepared to engage in a marathon debate on the National Housing Trust, news arrived that Hugo Chavez the President of Venezuela and a great friend of Jamaica, had taken his last breath.