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Federal Prosecutor Will Look Into Kendrick Johnson Case

AFRICANGLOBE - Nearly 10 months after their son died, the parents of Kendrick Johnson are finally getting what they've been asking for: another investigation into the teen's mysterious death in the gym of Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Georgia.

‘Calm Down, White People, and Put Away Your Guns’

AFRICANGLOBE - The vast majority of the guns in the U.S. are sold to White people who live in the suburbs or the country. When we fantasize about being mugged or home invaded, what's the image of the perpetrator in our heads? Is it the freckled-face kid from down the street – or is it someone who is, if not Black, at least poor?

Sorious Samura, Africa’s Michael Moore

As he strode on stage to accept the 1999 Rory Peck award for hard news journalism, Sorious Samura struggled to find the words that...