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Jim Crow Jury Selected For Michael Slager The Thug Cop Who...

AFRICANGLOBE - A nearly all-white jury was seated Wednesday for the murder trial of a white former South Carolina officer whose murder of a Black man stunned the nation after it was recorded on a cellphone by a bystander. A jury of six white men, five white women and one Black man will hear the case of Michael Slager, charged with murder in the April 2015 shooting death of 50-year-old Walter Scott.

Body Cameras Can’t Stop Bad Cops

AFRICANGLOBE - Raymond Kelly, twice the police commissioner of New York City changed his mind about body cameras on policemen back in April, the day he saw Walter Scott running away from a trigger-happy white cop named Michael Slager in North Charleston, S.C.

Thug Cop Who Shot Walter Scott Indicted For Murder

AFRICANGLOBE - The South Carolina police officer who was filmed shooting Walter Scott in the back as he ran away and planting evidence on him earlier this year, prompting renewed outcry over the use of lethal force by law enforcement, was formally charged with murder on Monday.

American Police Shot Dead 385 People In Five Months

AFRICANGLOBE - American police shot and killed 385 people during the first five months of this year, a rate of more than two a day. The death rate is more than twice that tallied by the federal government over the past decade, a count that officials concede is incomplete.

Nearly 1,500 Killed By US Police In Past 16 Months

AFRICANGLOBE - Nearly 1,500 confirmed police-involved deaths have occurred in the U.S. since January 2014, according to data collected by an activist group. Scant official data about police killings in which the use of force is not deemed legally justified has prompted a number of activist groups to begin compiling their own statistics by using crime and media reports.

Blacks Are Killed By Police At A Higher Rate In South...

AFRICANGLOBE - On Tuesday, South Carolina police officer Michael Slager was charged with murder in the shooting death of Walter L. Scott, after video evidence clearly showed Slager firing eight shots into Scott’s back as he fled. That’s extremely uncommon. Last month, The State newspaper in Columbia, South Carolina, identified 209 suspects in the state in the past five years who were fired at by police; 79 died. The State could find only three police officers who were charged with a crime in connection with any of the 209 shootings.

LISTEN: Cop Who Murdered Walter Scott Laughed About The Adrenaline Rush

AFRICANGLOBE - The police officer who murdered Walter Scott in South Carolina laughed about the adrenaline rush he was feeling, in a conversation that offers a new insight into his mindset in the minutes after the shooting.

South Carolina Killer Cop Faces Murder Charge. Don’t Celebrate Yet, Cops...

AFRICANGLOBE - As the news of Officer Michael Slager being charged with murder after video footage surfaced showing him shoot 50-year-old Walter Scott in the back took over the internet, social media became flooded with cheers of “Justice! Finally.” Don’t celebrate “justice” just yet. In the United States, cops can viciously kill another human being on video, be charged with murder, have seemingly no chance of walking, and then walk free.

Black Americans Murdered By Police In 2014 Outnumbered Those Who Died...

AFRICANGLOBE - More Black Americans were killed by police in 2014 than were killed in the World Trade Center attacks of September 11, 2001. Here’s how we know that. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there were 215 Black victims of the 9/11 attacks (136 men, 79 women).

Police Murder In South Carolina

AFRICANGLOBE - The entire state is culpable in the development of what is, in fact, a paramilitary occupying force, composed of death squads operating under the cover of the law. The killing of Scott exposes not only the savage violence carried out by police every day in American cities, but also the modus operandi used to justify these actions. In the three days between the shooting and the release of the video, police and local officials, together with the media, were giving out the standard rationalizations and lies.

Video Refutes Cop’s Claim Of “Fearing For His Life,” Shows Him...

AFRICANGLOBE - A North Charleston police officer, Michael Slager, 33, has been arrested for the murder of 50-year-old Walter Scott, after video footage surfaced which showed Slager firing at least 8 times as Scott ran away. The video directly contradicts Slager’s official incident report.

Murder Charge Against Thug Cop Caught On Video Murdering 50-Year-Old Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - A white police officer has been charged with murder after a video was published showing him shooting a Black man in the back as he ran away. Thug cop Michael Slager can be seen repeatedly shooting 50-year-old Walter Scott on Saturday in Charleston, South Carolina, as Scott flees, in the video recorded by a passerby.