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Bad Parenting: Michelle Obama & Daughters Attend Beyoncé & Jay Z...

AFRICANGLOBE - Michelle Obama and her daughters hit up their hometown on Thursday, swinging into Chicago for a day of both work and fun.

All Black People MUST Read ‘The N*gger In The White House’

AFRICANGLOBE - Ever since Barack Obama was elected President of the United States, people with common sense around the globe immediately noticed the level of contentiousness towards him escalated with extreme prejudice.

Enough Of This Racist Monkey Business

Recently a story about the Belgian newspaper De Morgen, which denigrated United States President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama by photoshopping (digitally altering) their images to make them look like apes (see also Newspaper apologises for showing Obamas as apes). Since last Saturday there has been an international outcry regarding these images which are not only sickening but have once more brought to the fore race and class issues.

DC Officer Cleared of Threatening Michelle Obama

AFRICANGLOBE - A District police officer accused of threatening Michelle Obama has been cleared of administrative charges related to the first lady but was found guilty of

Michelle Obama Loses Her Cool

AFRICANGLOBE - First lady Michelle Obama's speech at a Washington D.C. political fundraiser was interrupted by a lesbian protester on Tuesday night, and she threatened to...

D.C. Cop Claims He Was ‘Joking’ About Shooting Michelle Obama

AFRICANGLOBE - A D.C. police officer said he wasn’t seriously considering harming First Lady Michelle Obama and told a disciplinary hearing that he was only joking about shooting her. But how is threatening to shoot the first lady funny?

Straightening Out: Beauty Politics of Black Hair

AFRICANGLOB - Oh, Lawd, not another conversation about Black hair. It bugs me that I still hear Black women call their daughters "nappy-headed" as a form of verbal punishment. And it saddens me that sometimes even I look in the mirror and long for hair that's naturally softer, easier to straighten.

Michelle Obama Not Our First Black First Lady? 10 Fascinating Things...

AFRICANGLOBE - Jackie O, perhaps America's most emulated and admired First Lady, descended from a family known as the van Salee's, who were described as "mulatto" in the 17th century. This family traced its lineage in part to a Dutch mariner named Jan Jensen, who turned Turk (what some Europeans called "going native"), which was more popular than common history reveals.

First Lady, Family and Friends Pay Tribute to Hadiya Pendleton

AFRICANGLOBE - More than a thousand people gathered to mourn as 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton was laid to rest this weekend. The Chicago native was shot and killed Jan. 29 at a park near her high school. First lady Michelle Obama, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn were among those in attendance for Saturday’s ceremony at Greater Harvest Baptist Church.

Michelle Obama Rolls Eyes at John Boehner, Sets Internet Aflame

AFRICANGLOBE - Monday’s post-inaugural luncheon was a case study in body language--and nearly all of the physical evidence centered on House Speaker John Boehner. One interaction in particular already became an Internet meme: Michelle Obama rolling her eyes after listening to a comment from the Ohio Republican congressman.

Growing Up In the White House

Those of us who try to do the best for our children might think the following circumstances would represent something of a triumph: no...

Black America Stands Down for the Obamas

The Democrats definitely won the propaganda war between the two conventions but that doesn’t mean that Black America won anything.” How could they, since...

Solid As Rock: The Power Of Black Women

A raucous mainstream media pretends a Black woman racially attack at the Republican National Convention story holds no interest for them. The cover of Spanish...

Obama Campaign Steps Up Black Outreach

President Obama’s reelection campaign is making a determined and carefully calibrated effort to boost enthusiasm among Black voters, a group that could swing the...

Miami School Board Objects to Michelle Obama’s Visit to School

First lady Michelle Obama will stop in Miami on Tuesday to recruit residents to vote and volunteer to reelect her husband, President Barack Obama. But...

Louis Farrakhan Talks Race and Politics to Thousands in Chicago

Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan said Sunday that President Barack Obama has suffered more criticism than any other president because of his race...