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I Know Which Country The US Will Invade Next

AFRICANGLOBE - By the end of this column, it will be clear which country the United States will invade and topple next. Or failing that, it will be clear which country our military-intelligence-industrial complex will be aching to invade next.

Egypt, France Begin War Games In Red Sea

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt and France began a joint military drill in the Red Sea on Sunday, according to the Egyptian military. In a statement, the army said naval forces from both countries carried out a naval training in the Red Sea with the participation of a French warship and a number of Egyptian navy vessels. 

Egypt And Ethiopia To Hold Talks Over Nile Dam

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt said on Sunday it would hold talks with Ethiopia in the next two weeks to iron out differences over an Ethiopian dam on the River Nile that Cairo sees as a threat to its water supplies.

Saudi Arabian Prince Makes Unprecedented Call For Removal Of King In...

AFRICANGLOBE - A senior Saudi prince and grandson of the state's founder has issued an unprecedented call for change in the country's leadership. The kingdom has been buffeted by a series of setbacks recently: The precipitous drop in the price of oil, Saudi Arabia's key export, a draining war against Shi'ite rebels in neighboring Yemen and, most recently, two disasters during the recent hajj in Mecca that left over 800 people dead.