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Democracy Going Down For The Count In Detroit

AFRICANGLOBE - The post-Civil Rights era vision to consolidate Black Power through purely electoral means in the major cities of the United States has all but evaporated. Wherever possible, capital has reclaimed the urban centers for upscale White habitation, most often with the active collaboration of a venal Black political class concerned primarily with its own upward mobility.

Back In White Hands: Detroit Elects First White Mayor In 40...

AFRICANGLOBE - In the 1950s, about 1.8 million people lived in Detroit, but the lure of new homes in fresh suburbs started an exodus from the urban core. A deadly race riot in 1967 saw parts of the city burn over several days and hastened White flight. And when a brash, Black labor leader named Coleman A. Young was elected mayor in 1973, Detroit's growing Black populace began to flex its political muscle.